Tsunami...will it be second wave?

What happening in Malaysia

Crack in BN vs crack in BR, which one worst?
BR - Lim Kit Siang reject Nizar as Perak MB link. Result - Kit Siang apologize
- PKR disagree Perak exco member distribution link. Result - Exco Redistibution
BN - Mukhriz call Paklah to stepdown link letter. Result - pending
- Umno member dont want Paklah Bahagian Batu KL. Result pending
- UMNO Perlis : Shahidan vs Radzi. Result - Shahidan dropped

Who say King(Sultan & Raja) dont have power?
Perak , Terenganu and Perlis

They say full support for there leader, but they did what there leader call "beruk"? UMNO hold one hour DEMO at KOMTAR, Shahidan supporters at Putrajaya.

Penang UMNO leader ask Federal government to cancel mega project at Penang. (Buletin Utama,TV3 - 13 March 2008) . How can a politician dare to say "Penangites must pay because didnt vote BN" to voters? while other penang's BN component still need mega project.

Penang DAP would sideline Malays and Muslims? result-link and its just our media?



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