Interesting PRU12

New MBs/KM : -
  • KEDAH : Azizan Abdul Razak (PAS)
  • PERAK : IR Muhd Nizar (PAS)
  • SELANGOR : Khalid Ibrahim (PKR)

Quote : -
  • Anwar : "Given the scenario that we have,the limitation we have,no access to media, this is phenomenal. "
  • Kit Siang : "this is not wind of change,this is tsunami "
  • Sharizat : " Congrats, take care of Lembah Pantai as good as I've done it before" (to Nurul Izzah)
  • DR. M : "yes, I would resign " (when asked if he would resign if this happen during he is PM
  • Paklah : "we've lost, we've lost " & " I will not resign"
  • KJ : " We suffered a lot tonight "
  • Samy : "goodbye "
*Still silent : Najib, Zam , other MIC leaders, etc (perhaps dont have anything to say anymore )
**Got other quote I missed out? there are still plenty of space in comments. voice it!

What will happen :-
  • Anwar need to take the lead of opposition as soon as possible, to seat with federal gov and work out current and immediate contracts and project affected, and come out with joint agreed scope of work. This is very important economically - no company will guaranteed any contract, foreign investor will make a "hold" for any investment (note that Bursa Malaysia indices have been falling for past 3 month) before they can be sure how the new gov will perform.
  • Shadow Cabinet for opposition - If Paklah have his finance minister, opposition will be have their own finance minister so that opposition will not only shout out but also work out.
  • Malaysian parliament will be "merrier" than ever - just imagine what will happen in parliament with khairy, anwar(InsyaAllah) , Nurul Izzah, Kit Siang, Najib, Mahfuz etc sit together in parliament!!


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