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Semua nk merajuk..apa aku ni takde keje lain selain layan orang merajuk!!!

Merajuk la..merajuk!!!! penat la woi...macam ramai sgt org kesah ape aku rasa

Festo - Nature inspired Technology

Festo always come out with very interesting Robot inspired by technology. Festo just introduce the robot inspired from penguin [ Click here to view video as embeding have been disabled] Other robots from festo : Robot inspired by jellyfish Festo Humanoid Festo DJ Robot


This is Malaysia - and you should know - NATIONAL EXCUSE FOR HAIR LOSS: Ajinomoto NATIONAL INSTANT FOOD: Maggi Mee NATIONAL BREAKFAST: Nasi Lemak NATIONAL LUNCH: Nasi Ayam NATIONAL SUPPER: Roti Canai & Teh Tarik NATIONAL EXCUSE FOR BEING LATE: Traffic Jam NATIONAL CONDOM: None. Most Malaysians still feel embarrassed buying condoms. So they rushed into a 7-11, hurriedly grab the nearest pack, any pack, pay and leave before the cashier can even blink an eye. NATIONAL FRUIT FOR INDUCING MENSTRUATION: Pineapple NATIONAL APHRODISIAC DRINK: Stout. Many Malaysian men swear by it. But then after a few pints they start swearing at everything.. . NATIONAL FAKE ILLNESS FOR GETTING MC (MEN): Food Poisoning NATIONAL FAKE ILLNESS FOR GETTING MC (WOMEN): Menstrual Pain NATIONAL EXCUSES GIVEN BY WOMEN WHEN REFUSING SEX: Headache, kids not asleep, maid not asleep, mother-in-law around, early appointment, food not digested yet, aircond not cold enough, air-cond too cold, nail polish not dry yet, for

Semiconductor Devices presentation

Nk Menambah ilmu di dada? meh2..presentation open to all...lecturer (Dr Ong) siap wat poster lg soh invite why not aku post jer poster ni kat sini kn.. my group presntation - Wafer cleaning Solutions for 45 and 32nm , 21 April 2009

What kept me busy....

ok la tu..for a new club =P