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Holiday Project : Upgrading Windows Mobile 5 to Windows Mobile 6.1

My holiday project : Upgrading Windows Mobile 5 to Windows Mobile 6.1 Before After After nearly a year Windows Mobile 6 released, at last I can upgrade my dopod 818pro ( HTC Prophet ) from windows mobile 5 to windows mobile 6.1 . WARNING - Do not try any step below if you dont really know what you doing, and backup all your data before upgrade your phone. YOU MAY LOST ALL YOUR DATA OR YOUR PHONE CAN DEAD IF ANYTHING GOES WRONG Step 1 : Know type of my phone HTC Prophet hardware manufactured in two type G3 and G4. Upgrading different type of hardware must use their respected sofware. USING WRONG TYPE OF SOFWARE MAY MAKE YOUR PHONE FREEZ! To know type of my phone, soft reset the phone and during start up, on the first black screen take note the number behind SPL :XXXXXX if the number end with 0 then the phone is G3 in the other hand, if the phone end with other number, the phone is G4. My phone is G3 Step 2 : Hard SPL and Soft SPL Sofware used: HardSPL for prophet G3 (credit for animel

Gate to hell on earth

Almost two month ago I received an email with subject "pintu neraka di bumi" with all pictures above, it was very interesting but unfortunately it was just pictures with no information. Maybe the objective of the email is as reminder of life after death and create fear to Allah almighty. After some "googling" I found some info about this gate to hell ; It is actually a burned gas crater called Darvaza mean "the door" or "the gate" in Turkmen language, located in karakum desert at Turkeminestan. The history of this Gate to hell started on 1971 when group of Russian Scientist and geologist (Turkeminestan is still in USSR during that time ) on a mission to find oil and gas on the desert, they stumbled on a huge natural gas deposit, and afraid that the substance might poison the air of the region, they had the brilliant idea of setting it on fire. The result? It has been more than 30 years but the crater is still burning. Karakum desert is one of bi

Mind controlled animal...

It was boring day at home, just surfing internet and found interesting gallery telling me that there are animals that can control other animal minds. Huh! really! even scientist can't explain how these animal control other's mind. Gallery taken from discover magazine , since I resized the flash gallery some of the pictures is not clear, browse the original gallery here . Read explanation on last slide (one with cat picture). I think all cats lovers must know this.

New face...

new face for my blog =P amacam? cun tak..any problem viewing my blog with this new template just leave me comments Pelengkap mickey mouse malaysia =) Episod 10 - Tamak Episod 11 - Lailatul Qadr Episod 12 - Kisah Tauladan Episod 13 - Sayang Kak Ros Episod 14 - Ketupat Episod 15 - Zakat Fitrah Episod 16 - Malam Syahdu Episod 17 - Pagi Raya Episod 18 - Berkat Happy holidays!!!!!! Relates post : Upin dan Ipin setahun kemudian episod 7 - 9 Upin   dan Ipin episod 1 -6 

New Mac book Pro

the way of making the body is really hot, the touchpad damn awesome and really love U2's background music best technology company(for me) - Google, Apple and Asus *cant wait for my eee pc =P