Gate to hell on earth

Almost two month ago I received an email with subject "pintu neraka di bumi" with all pictures above, it was very interesting but unfortunately it was just pictures with no information. Maybe the objective of the email is as reminder of life after death and create fear to Allah almighty. After some "googling" I found some info about this gate to hell ;

It is actually a burned gas crater called Darvaza mean "the door" or "the gate" in Turkmen language, located in karakum desert at Turkeminestan. The history of this Gate to hell started on 1971 when group of Russian Scientist and geologist (Turkeminestan is still in USSR during that time ) on a mission to find oil and gas on the desert, they stumbled on a huge natural gas deposit, and afraid that the substance might poison the air of the region, they had the brilliant idea of setting it on fire. The result?

It has been more than 30 years but the crater is still burning. Karakum desert is one of bigest desert on earth with temperature during daytime is around 120 degree Fahrenheit (highest temperature ever recorded on earth is 139 degree at libya) . Darvaza take more than 3 hours driving from nearest town . Check the interesting video I found on dailymotion

Even it is really hot during daytime, it is very cold at night, this make those birds fly above the fire to get some heat =P


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