Gentle Reminder : Use Facebook Wisely (especially those Quizzes)

Again, another post about facebook. This is because privacy awareness among Malaysian is very low. Almost everyone that i know never been to their privacy setting page on facebook. Now everyone can access your information in internet. For record there are a person really want to avoid me but just using facebook I can find him/her very easy. Tell you, you can find anyone especially in age range from 15 years to 35 years old in facebook.

Even if you can set your profile to limited access but there are a thing that I can see something dangerous in what almost my friends is crazy about. Those facebooks QUIZZES!!. Beware of it :

the Northern California chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has put together a campaign to raise awareness of privacy issues surrounding Facebook applications, in particular quizzes. According to this group, the millions of Facebook users taking quizzes are revealing far more personal information to application developers than they are aware of. This is mostly due to the fact that Facebook's default privacy settings allow access to all your profile information whether or not your profile is set to "private." Even worse, the ACLU reports that even if you shun quizzes yourself, your profile info is revealed when one of your friends takes a quiz. Want to see how bad the problem is? Just take the ACLU's Facebook Quiz and prepare to be shocked.

As any regular Facebook user knows, quizzes are some of the most popular applications in use on the social network. Every day, our News Feeds are filled with everything from the latest variation on the "5 Things" theme to the "What (insert popular movie title) character are you?" and more. But these seemingly innocuous time wasters could have dangerous privacy implications if they ended up being distributed by malicious app developers who want access to Facebook's treasure trove of personal data.

in nutshell, the danger or those facebook quizzes is :

  1. Timewaster
  2. Everything on your profile is made available to the developers when your friends take a quiz
  3. You dont know where the information you entered in the quizzes will end
  4. Its make easier for stalker to stalk on you =P
so, if you really like to take those quizzes set your privacy setting first at Settings -> Privacy Settings -> Applications.


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