"mission" School?

It is Sunday morning when I was surfing on the net and found this :

Apparently in the Parliament, some exceedingly brilliant gentleman, the representative of Parit Sulong (where?) have nothing to do with his time and nothing to do in his community that he had to point out that mission schools in Malaysia, such as Convent, La Salle and Methodist have crosses and statues representing the Christian faith in them. These crosses and statues must be demolished.

It is just some excerpts from a blog post by a self-confessed drama queen currently studying at one of our local "mission" schools i.e., a "Sekolah Kebangsaan Convent" over recent comments by a few honorable Members of Parliament on such schools. It is a sensitive issue so I don’t feel like giving my personal opinion here(however, feel free to post your comments =P). I posted it here just to share it with my friends. This issue make me recalled back when I asked my father “ayah,kenapa ada salib kat sekolah kak?” (dad, why there are cross at sis’s school?) when I was in primary school. My sister was a student at Convent Alor Star, I heard that the school already moved few years ago and named as Sekolah Perempuan Alor Star (SPAS) , im not very sure about it because I also heard there is also an issue about the name as the short form 'PAS' appeared in the name..haha! Malaysia nowadays.. The cross i've mentioned earlier has also been removed long before the school moved to its location now. I realized there are no more cross there when I was in secondary school.

From the blog post I mentioned and the comments there, we can see that placing people from different religious and race together is not enough to maintain the integrity between different races. The main problem is to make them to understand and respect each other. We just celebrated our 50th independence but seem like we still don’t understand each other well. Now with Hindraf issue some more. Aiya…how ar?

BTW, last week I attended an interesting talk by ustaz Hasrizal(writer of Saifulislam.com), It is talk about Sacrifice in islam (korban) just want to share in,you can download it here (credit to Ruzaini) and another talk by Dr Hj Shafie bin Md Amin, about (al-Quran and our study). Again, you download it here (credit to Raja Ahmad Fauzan). Both of them were very interesting
talk until I really want to share it with all my friends.

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