New trimester begin...

Its a new trimester. After a trimester, i've been able to get rid off all "distraction" now, my focus only one - on my academic. My result not as good as before, soo sad.

  1. Set new target (done) GPA : 4.00 CGPA : 3.31
  2. Strive for the target (started)
  3. Doa and Tawakal (always)

In 9 weeks, just a simple formula towards success. My promise, ill will reach my target. Pray for me. To all my friends, "selamat berjuang" in new trimester.

p/s : wondering how many of my friends thinking life in MMU is a perjuangan =P


Farafiqa Jeff said…
gud luck for this trimester! btw what is ur target? heeeheee
aku ska la ang boh nama aku as piqah..i added ur link on mine too!

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