New Guinness record for kebab

Utusan Malaysia -Rabu 14 Mac 2007

Kosmo -Rabu 14 Mac 2007

NTV7 -Tuesday 13 Mac 2007

New Guinness record for kebab

A long feat: (Above) Students from the Multimedia University in Cyberjaya cheering upon hearing the announcement that they had broken the Guinness Book of World Records for the world's longest barg kebab by creating one that was 2.016km long. The last world record was set in Denmark for a barg kebab that was 1.5km long. More than 250 students (below) made the kebab which required 3.5 tonnes of chicken meat costing RM24,000.


iFtiDa said…
capap ler u ni..
Anonymous said…
..bgus mmu nie..proactive students n src die kn...caiyok2 bad...congrats!!
Anonymous said…
muka hg ker tue yg kat pic atas tue..??glamer gila..
btol2 nmpak ader bakat bukat bisnez jual kebab..ahaks!..:)


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